Thursday, February 19, 2009

sean in hawaii

i have no words that explain how i feel about that shirt.

sean bonding with the octopus.

sean in the four seasons lobby.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


do you ever feel humbled by the creativity of children? i am constantly thinking of new projects and working them out over and over in my head. make a draft, make a list..... for valentine's day this year i talked gray into making robots. i was so excited. in my head i had a design idea for one robot that we would repeat for everyone. the robot had about 12 different shapes and then gray was going to use the shapes i pre-cut for him and arrange the robots according to my design. hunter and bryn sat down to help gray and before i could explain all my directions they had started creating their own designs. it took me a few moments to let it go and in the end they were all fun creations. they even named their new robots.... love-bot, chicken-bot, r2d2-bot, kitty-bot, buggy-bot, destroyer-bot, little-bot........

11 years

my favorite thing about being married for 11 years is that i feel so comfortable with sean and at the same time continue to learn new things about him.

he continues to surprise and amaze me. happy anniversary.
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Noah Time

Hunter and Gray got a little Uncle Noah time on Mt. Hood.

Noah pulled Gray in the sled while Cross Country Skiing for 12 km!

Check out Mako's pictorial of Hunter's first time Cross Country Skiing here.
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