Friday, October 30, 2009

Almost time

Less than 24 hours till the big day. The fun has already started.

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Monday, October 19, 2009


I have this huge struggle every school picture season. To buy or not to buy. In my elementary days it was always the D package for us, which meant the end of the line for me. As an adult every time I see that Lifetouch envelope in backpacks all those end of the line feelings come back. Let me preference by saying that I was a pretty competitive elementary school student and I never liked being at the end of any line.

Our family takes lots and lots and lots of photos. There is no need for cheap school pictures in our lives. I always get the class picture but as for the individuals sometimes I get a few just to make my elementary school self feel better.

I also don't believe in school picture retakes. 2 years ago picture day was on the first day of preschool at 8:15am for Grayson. Sooooo many tears and the picture was the saddest sweetest picture ever. What they didn't tell me was that for every holiday gift the kids made they were going to attach the student's school picture right in the middle. I have about 6 handmade Grayson gifts with that sad little face looking at me seeming to say, "Why mom why?"

We just got Grayson's school picture today. It makes me smile every time. I wonder if 20 years from now some schoolmates girlfriend will be checking out his picture books and wonder what ever happened to that kid?