Monday, April 26, 2010

An update on Bryn's latest spelling word sentence created for this week's homework. She used 8 out of 20 spelling words and all 5 challenge words.

"A circus character looked at an Oregon cardinal that was afraid of a particular paper dinosaur."

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Manic Monday

Sorry kids for posting this pic but had to capture. This was on Monday at 4:15pm. I have a feeling it's going to be "that kind" of week.

p.s. In the back of the car is a small rocking chair with a simple rosette on the back. It's from my great grandmother Flora (we called her Nonna). After 10 years I'm finally repairing the caning in the seat.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What a day

Every morning Sean asks me, "What's on your list today?" In the evening he asks me "What did you do today?" The surly high schooler comes out in me and can only respond with a grumble and a "things" response. Like when your parents would ask, "how was your day as school?" The truth is I'm not that interested in talking about the vet appointment, driving to pick up kids from school and forcing the kids to do their homework. I feel bad for Sean because I think he's generally interested.

Wednesday, April 14th

6:30am - Wake-up

6:45am to 7:45 - Kids dressed and fed, don't forget teeth and hair, dogs out and fed and I got dressed as well somewhere in there.

8:05 - Kids dropped off

8:15 - Wash and vacuum out car

9:15 - Tennis with Mary and Maya

10:30 - Deal with ONK issue

11:00 - Home, take dogs out, check and respond to emails.

12:00 - Shiloh vet appointment

12:30 - Home, clean kitchen, straighten house, shower and dressed, get snacks and soccer gear together

2:00 - Leave to pick up kids

2:15 - Get Bryn and Grayson, make sure Hunter knows that Mary is taking him home after 5th grade performance practice.

2:30 - Drive across town for Bryn's appointment.

3:00 - Fred Meyer for groceries. Forgot paper towels, garbage bags, milk and vanilla ice cream.

3:50 - Pick up Bryn

4:00 - Drive across town for soccer practice

4:15 to 4:20- On the cell phone with US Bank for ONK, waking Grayson up from the car ride, getting Grayson's soccer shorts and shoes on and running to get to practice on time.

4:30 - Handed another piece of ONK news. ugh.

5:30 - Home

5:45 - Make dinner, straighten, kid homework.

7:00 - Read with kids

7:45 - Bath time

8:15 - Check end of day email

8:30 - Kids in bed

9:00 - Fall asleep

...and repeat.... I know... so exciting.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

2010 house to do

("gnome" by bryn)

I wish my monthly to do list seemed as easy to accomplish as martha stewart's. Maybe I'll make this my spring/summer to do list...

Call window cleaners for a spring clean

Call ric (handyman)for paint touch up, fix bryn's door, fix coffee table, fix kitchen nook table

Reupholster red chair

Craiglist some random items

Get roofing bids

Call housepainters for south side

After Kuma (brother's dog) goes home have carpets cleaned

Paint living room

what to watch?

around the age of 10 our family tv a 20" zenith was in the shop for a week but it felt like a whole month. our current television is broken and not even sure any of us miss it. we're debating replacing it which at first excited me. the prospect of simplifying our lives but on closer inspection it gets more complicated. there's always the computer, laptop, ps3, hulu, netflix, downloads and iphones. missing the simplicity of my family's 20" zenith.

what I'm watching right now (via hulu, netflix and the power of a download)....

lost... I've got to know how it ends and desperately hoping I'm not disappointed. (abc)

bones... I could watch david boreanaz all day. (fox)

fringe... it's by jj abrams and I like a good mystery with some sci fi thrown in. (fox)

modern family... need a good laugh to even it all out. (abc)

united states of tara... refreshingly unique. (showtime)

caprica... I'll never give up on battlestar galatica. (syfy)

glee... do I even need to say anything? (fox)

reruns (first time for me)...
arrested development & the wire

show i want to watch but can't find via the internet. need a real tv for this one...
american pickers... the reality show follows frank and mike as they scour the country's junkyards, basements and barns for hidden gems. (history channel)

thoughts in hawaii

my love/hate affair with facebook produced these while in hawaii. dreaming of a weekend at the Hana Hotel.

...would like to have the mobility of a gecko. lying on the beach and dreaming of re-designing her living room.

...never gets tired of watching the waves reach the shore.

...wants to spend an entire weekend at Captain Cook with her husband.

...does not like sand that overstays its welcome. thinking of lists to make.

...loves watching Bryn and Gray play imagination on the beach.