Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Sean

The other day I promised Sean that I wasn't going to write anything embarrassing or incriminating on his birthday.

So today I get to say what a wonderful amazing dad Sean is. Since, the day Bryn was born he has been proud to share this special day with her. He enjoys the Fairy and Hello Kitty birthday parties just as much as she does.

I hope you have a wonderful day my love.
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Happy Birthday Bryn

During Bryn's 6th year she was a....

...Tap Dancer...Vampire Witch...Gardner...Hula Dancer...Bike Rider...Piano Performer...Reader...Laser Tag Master...Friend...Song Writer...Flower Salesperson...Camper...Artist...and an Animal Guardian.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Your Destiny Awaits

On our road trip last week Gray started yelling at the top of his lungs from the back seat, "How long till my destiny?"

We didn't know know if we should laugh or dive into another deep discussion with our 4-year old.

It took us awhile but we finally figured out he wasn't even speaking to us. He was attempting to communicate with the Honda's Navigation System with Voice Recognition. He was trying to say, "How long to our destination?"

Once we figured it out Sean held down the voice recognition button and let Gray ask his question. Unfortunately, it didn't recognize his sweet little voice from the back seat. So, I asked the question for Gray and instead of getting our time to destination we got radio station XM157. Can't wait to see how voice recognition software pans out in the future.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

3 New Summer Skirts

I think I've had this fabric for about 4 years. Fun to finally use it.

A great fabric score.

Fabric from Colleen. There's enough fabric left to make myself one!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where's Hunter???

What is Hunter reading?
The Invention of Hugo Caberet.

What video game is Hunter playing?
Lego Indiana Jones.

What does Hunter do when the sun comes out?
Rides his bike and scooter. Hikes with dad.

What is Hunter learning to do?
Play poker.

What is Hunter's favorite card game right now?

What world record is Hunter trying to break?
The biggest foil ball in the world.

What is Hunter's Mom making him do this summer?
Play piano and write in a journal.

What does Hunter want to do this summer?
Play with Jack and Josh every day.

It's going to be a good summer.

Surf's Up

I'm a planner, a mother, a day organizer, a list maker... I even list my daily to do list in order. So, it comes as no surprise to me how much control(or the lack of) I hold over my day. I become extremely defensive and ill-tempered if I feel that control has been misplaced or if we've veered from one my lists.

Awakening moment: This weekend I was told by a surfing instructor "Let go and stop trying to control it." Guess what? I did and I had sooooo much more fun. My husband has been telling me for 10 years those same words. Sean you a very wise husband.

An extended family mini-vacation is planned for this week and we'll see if I can put my old/new found wisdom to the test.

p.s. I had a great time learning to surf with my husband who was very calm and encouraging the entire time.

p.s.s. A 4/3 ml wetsuit works wonders in the cold cold ocean.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Move over Mozart

Grayson composed his first song today. Full of whole notes, half notes and quarter notes.

The words to his song:

Mystery persons ruuuullle the world.
In the world of mystery persons sam boom crash boom.


Beam Bam

He also plays a mean Hot Cross Buns.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

How Well do I Know my Dad?
by Gray Stephens

My dad is 100 feet and 0 inches tall.

My dad weighs 69 pounds.

My dad's favorite sport is all of them.

My dad can lift 60 pounds. He is really strong.

My dad is 49 years old. He ate too many apples so he is a daddy now.

My dad's favorite TV show is I don't know.

My dad's favorite food is wine.

My dad's favorite hobby is anything he wants.

I know my dad is smart because he has hair on his hands.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gray's Garden

Gray's Garden not Grey Gardens. ohhhh I haven't thought about Grey Gardens in awhile but immediately thought of it when I wrote the title to this post. So I had to watch a clip on YouTube. I didn't fully understand the film the first time I watched it but then I watched the DVD commentary and realized how much of an influence it had on those early viewers. There's a Grey Gardens movie due out this November with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. How do you ever live up to a cult classic?

This is suppose to be the original trailer....

Now on to our own Gray's Garden.....

Mom: "Gray what do you need for the seeds to grow?"

Gray: "Sun, Care and Love."

The kids planted...
watermelon, tomatoes, pumpkins, beans, and it looks like carrots that we planted last year that didn't come up but seem to be sprouting this year.

With the sun finally out we're up and running in full summer mode.

curious nature of a 4-year old

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Gray's comment after seeing a broken heart....

"A broken heart means a girl and a boy break up. And they don't like each other anymore".

Mother's reply after hearing those words come from her 4-year old son....

Stunned silence.

Then a short discussion regarding girl/boy relationships and what else can make your heart feel broken.

Monday, June 2, 2008

A Great and Terrible Beauty

So, there are 2 kinds of fiction books that I seem to be drawn to. One is non-technical science fiction books with a good moral story and the second is any fiction written about about any time period before 1920. Especially, anything written for the time period between 1880 and 1920 and you've got me. A double you got me if the locale happens to be England or South America. Of course, I do enjoy many other types of books but these tend to be the most enjoyable and entertaining for me.

Libba Bray recently had my attention while I read her Gemma Doyle series. A Victorian / Gothic supernatural fantasy written primarily for young adults. She had me washing dishes and putting kids to bed faster than I have in a long time. I'm not a huge fan of fantasy but there's more to the story and the supernatural part doesn't get carried away.

The trilogy is a coming of age story of young women at a finishing school in the Victorian era preparing to bow for their queen while at the same time trying really hard not to conform to the world's expectations of them. Includes a good dose of the supernatural, fantasy, magic, secrets and hunky teenage heart throbs. These 3 books will definitely be on the shelf for Bryn to read during her teen years.

All 3 books are fascinating and action packed. I have to say the 3rd book is much thicker than the previous 2 and it takes awhile to get through the first half but the last half is worth it. For some easy fun summer reading I would definitely recommend them. Remember that's coming from a girl who's always loved a Victorian story.