Saturday, September 6, 2008

The big photo shoot

After Gray's birthday celebration on Saturday Sean took Grandma T to look at Macs. My mom and I thought a photo shoot with the kids would help pass the time. whew!

ok kids.... ready for the photo shoot? how about a fun sneaking behind the bushes shot? great job gray getting right into place.

um... bryn... we can't see your face... bryn... BRYN.... please move the stem down a little.

bryn... look at mom... BRYN... eyes on mom....

oh bryn... i'm sorry bryn.... how about some m&ms if you smile for mom....

all the while... hunter kept his ben stiller zoolander look. good job hunter... oh m&ms?? yes hunter you definitely earned some m&ms.

we did end up with a couple of good shots.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Gray!

Jedi Knight


Tree Climber

Mystery Person (his own costume creation)

Hugger not a kisser

Video Gamer (watcher mostly)


Wants his voice to sound like his 10-year old brothers.

Mad that his mom didn't take him REAL camping this summer.

Does not like spinny rides.

Loves jet boat rides and scary movies.

Songs: Eye of the Tiger, Hey there Delilha

Quote: "You've got the skills to pay the bills"