Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another Year Older

So, I'm another year older. I don't mind getting older. I never have. One the main reasons why I feel comfortable with getting older is that I have so many wonderful women in my life that continually inspire me. The woman below is Aunt Lu and she is turning 80 in less than one month and I don't have enough words to explain how truly inspiring she is.
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Thank you everyone for an absolutely wonderful day that started with a Mio Sushi lunch with Meegan and Holly and then Meegan watched the little ones while I walked through JoAnns all by myself in the middle of the day. Luxury! Sean came home early from work for a great takeout Chaba Thai dinner and relaxing family evening. It was a perfect day. I loved all the phone calls and emails! (Have to admit I did see foot wrinkles for the first time yesterday. What's up with that?)


Crabby Amy said...

Happy (belated!) Birthday!! ;) Great pictures...love them! Mason's b-day is actually on the 12th but i only just now got around to posting the pics. Yay for free time and walking around Jonann's with out kids...that is a luxery!! :)

kat said...

Happy Belated as well!
So glad you were able to enjoy a little "me" time :)