Wednesday, May 30, 2007

House To Do List 2007

I'm a farm girl and... sometimes I need more open space to spread out. I have definitely become citified these past 10 years but every once in awhile I dream of my family and friend commune with rolling hills as far as the eye can see. (However, it would still have to be within a 40 minute drive of Portland.) So... for now we'll keep working on our wonderful old home on our 5,000sq.ft. lot with the super cozy backyard and good Thai food down the street.

House to do list 2007:
Outside and inside paint touch-ups
Roof replaced
New front door and screen
Outside electric outlets and lights
Replace outside spigots
Upstrs. Bath:
Fix shower curtain rod
New spout on tub
Make tub legs longer in back for drainage
Fix electrical hole
Replace bathroom sink
Add a transition piece between hunter’s room and landing
Finish electrical plates in bedrooms
Put on remaining door knobs
Office light reattach
Office cork board and trim
Trim and molding
Laundry room door knob
Ceiling and wall holes fixed
Ventilation in bathroom
Sealant basement shower
Finish walls in laundry room
Bath cabinet finish
Toilet wobbles
Stair flooring and trim
Back door knobs
Kitchen ceiling
Tile kitchen backsplash
Paint touch up on dining room ceiling
Mudroom trim
Mudroom cabinets
Tile fireplace
Fix door hinge in hallway
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Meegan Blue said...

I love, love, love your lovely house!

Crabby Amy said...

love your house too! your list also is inspiring....I feel my own list shaping up as I type and it may be a future blog entry of my own.