Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

My wonderful sister-in-law Cathryn (a.k.a."Stephanie") invited me along on a business trip to Las Vegas. She works for an airport and it was the inaugural flight of Allegiant airlines to Las Vegas from her airport. It's been about 10 years since I have laid eyes on Sin City and while the Strip skyline continually changes with all the construction going on it remains relatively the same.

Here's Showgirl "Porscha" and Elvis who accompanied us on our flight to Las Vegas.

Modern Day Elvis

The Only Things I Like About Las Vegas!
1. People Watching
2. People Watching
3. People Watching
4. Analyzing People
5. Cirque de Soleil Shows

Observations about Las Vegas
(not all are personal experience).
1. Eating at Buffets more than once a day may make you sick.
2. Drinking alcohol and walking the strip in 100 degrees weather may make you sick.
3. Staying out all night after eating at buffets and drinking alcohol while in 100 degrees will make you very very sick.
4. There appears to be no environmental conservation on the Strip at all.
5. Customer service is non-existent. So.. if in Vegas and you find good customer service tell them and tip them very well.

I had a wonderful time with Cathryn a.k.a. "Stephanie". Not since the days of Dinner Voila have we had so much time to just hang out and gab. It was a great weekend!
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Crabby Amy said...

hee hee...love your observations about Vegas! Gotta admit...the people watching there is fantastic! glad you had a good time ;)