Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Point, Shoot, "Let me see!"

I'm sure throughout the past 200 years each generation of parents have marvelled at how lucky their kids are to live in such a time of great technological advancement (although they probably didn't phrase it that way in the 1800s). What 3 year-old nowadays doesn't expect to see the picture immediately after it is taken? My Sony Cybershot options were changed somehow and Gray became upset when the picture didn't immediately appear after it was taken. We fixed it and he was off with the camera. Very serious about his picture taking. Below are all Gray's pictures and have not been cropped or altered.

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Crabby Amy said...

Honestly, there is a great artistic quality to Grayson's pictures!! :) I laughed about your "keeping the seatbelt on" conversation you had with him, we just had something similar the other day with Mason!!