Sunday, June 10, 2007

Top 9 reasons to get a haircut

Here's a letter from my mother to my little brother Mark that I found taped to their fridge today.

Tomorrow I need to take your picture for graduation announcements. I would like to present only facts to why you should get your hair trimmed. These are facts only and then you must make an informed decision.
1. Cooler for summer.
2. Less frizzy and less tangles.
3. To be an example to Howard Stern and Ozzie Osmond.
4. Dog will not attack you, thinking you are a rat.
5. Will not get caught in heavy machinery and possibly kill you.
6. So you won't get mistaken for a girl.
7. Save you from getting your hair caught in the car door.
8. Clean looking and smell better.
9. Better driving visibility.

OK, now you can make a really informed choice.
Love ya, Mom

I can never really tell when he gets a trim because of all that thick frizzy Cinquini hair so I hope the letter worked for mom. I know from listening to their conversations when we visit that hair trims are not the only Mark hair issues they have. My parents are constantly asking him to shave and they even have a rule that he has to shave twice a week and definitely before church. I'm assuming from Mark's graduation picture above with his girlfriend Molly that graduation day wasn't one of the required shaving days. I love my mother's creative and desperate letter and will so keep for future reference.
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