Monday, August 6, 2007

Goodbye Mira!

The scene Saturday morning was a starving mom (me) wrapped in a towel standing guard outside the bathroom door protecting Bryn from Mira who presumably lives in mirrors. Mira is the story of a girl who lives in mirrors and can pull you in. Frankly that's downright scary even for me. Please let it be known that I was not the person to introduce the Mira story.

Of all the monsters introduced that day Mira was the only one that stuck. For weeks afterward we would find the wardrobe door open so the mirror on it would be facing the wall and there were multiple discussions on Mira's reality. Then talk of Mira stopped... until recently when Bryn claims to have seen a glimpse of Mira in the bathroom mirror. So now we stand guard outside the bathroom to project Bryn from the mischievous Mira.

I'm off to find Everything I know about monsters by Tom Lichtenheld. After much research this morning I think this book is the culprit of Bryn's Mira. Today will be spent coming up with a good strategy to get rid of Mira once and for all.

Mira Mira in the mirror it is time you left my little Bryn alone.

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Amy said...

Poor Bryn! I bet you can come up with an effective Mira banishing strategy of some sort--perhaps something that involves Bryn smashing a dollar store mirror with a hammer (and protective eye wear, of course), and then an ice cream cone to celebrate? That's a tricky one....

So of course after I just wrote that, I found this article by Dr. Sears. Check it out here (scroll down a bit to #6 & #7):

Good luck!