Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Shiver me timbers! I can't believe I forgot today was "Talk Like a Pirate Day." Thanks Kelly for reminding me. I was going to save this post for Halloween month (I mean October) but what a perfect day to talk about a mild obsession of mine.

I think it all started about two years ago when I discovered Captain Bogg and Salty who are actually one of my favorite bands now (Yes, I know it's meant for kids.). It started as an interest because Hunter was into it and then as each child grew older and they were also interested in pirates it became a family affair. Don't worry you won't see me parading my kids around and traveling to monthly pirate festivals. I do know the difference between fun and craaaaazy! However, a strong interest in something family friendly is fun and the band is definitely worth checking out. You can check out their first music video online and they can be seen this weekend at the 2nd Annual Portland Pirate Festival. Since I'm plugging them they also wrote and will perform the music for the upcoming Oregon Children's Theater play "The Ghosts of Treasure Island". I've been dying to read Treasure Island with Hunter but I'm going to wait until a few weeks before we go see the play next April.

Here's a picture from last Halloween of Aunty Lulu with the Stephens Band of Pirates: Graybeard, The Dreaded Elizabeth and Captain Hunter.

Yes, I do own two pairs of Jolly Roger shoes made by Mia Shoes.

This test will scientifically determine your pirate name. I'm Dirty Mary Flint.

Less scientific but you'll still get a great pirate name.

How to decode Pirate Talk.

How to talk like a pirate.


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lisa s said...

those shoes are fantastic!

thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog... how lucky that you got to live in japan [and that your kids got to go to school. so cool]