Saturday, September 1, 2007

End of Summer

Here's the view from under my umbrella while the kids enjoy the river and we all just kick back. It really is my favorite two weeks of the year. Our cousins Emerson and Elliot came for a long weekend this year...

Elliot and Hunter card games
Sleeping outside
Piggy Park
A.R.M. (algae rescue mission)
The Maple Syrup bet
Korbel Winery Lunch
8-mile Canoe Trip
Ice Cream Cones
Bingo:Hunter won $20 and Sean won an $18 store credit)
Kid art projects
Owl Puke/Pellets
and Peter Pan

Most of the Cali kids were back in school so for the last few days we had the beach to ourselves. Except for the 4 retired men who smoke cigars and play poker from 2pm to 6pm everyday at their picnic table they have anchored to the beach. Shirtless I may add. They really are sweet and next year I must get a photo of them. I almost feel like the beach wouldn't be the same without them year after year.

The kids are so excited to be home and for school to start in 4 days!
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Kelly said...

sounds like a great way to end the summer! i love traditional summer trips. growing up we went to slc every year... it was always a wonderful time.