Sunday, October 21, 2007

Roller Derby

So a group of us finally made it to see the the Rose City Rollers Saturday night. Unknowingly we picked seats in the High Rollers section and from the moment the clock started we were 100% dedicated to our High Rollers.

General Roller Derby Rules (by sarah):

One Pivot
who sets the pace for the pack.

Three Blockers
who use any legal means necessary to block the Jammers.

One Jammer
who starts a few seconds after the rest of the group and sprint through the pack, scoring points by passing the opposing team's players for a time period of up to two minutes.

*The fun is in the knocking and blocking plus the illegal skirt pulling, holding and pushing.

*If helps to be a Roller Derby girl if you are drop dead gorgeous, shy or super sweet.

I found this clip on YouTube under Rose City Rollers. Even though it looks like just a bunch of barely dressed girls skating in a circle this is a full contact sport with rules. In my Roller Derby dreams I would most definitely be a Blocker.

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