Monday, December 31, 2007

Where are all the turtles?

Our great discovery the other day was Wawaloli Beach near the Seahorse Farm north of Kona. A non-touristy beach with lots of tide pools formed by lava. Deep enough to explore, swim and snorkel.

Sean's a little under the weather but continues to be a trooper and took Hunter way out into the ocean yesterday for a father and son snorkeling extravaganza. When they finally swam back to shore Hunter was exhausted and as he collapsed onto the rocks said, "He pushed me to my limit!"

Unfortunately, no turtles to be found yet. The search continues.

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Amy said...

Good luck with the turtle sightings! They are amazing creatures, and when you see one swimming alongside you in the water, it'll be a HONU experience! (Sorry--lame sea turtle joke--get it? Honu= whole new. Again, my apologies.)

I am SO JEALOUS that you're in HI. You'll be happy to know that it rained non-stop, was cold, and never really got light today. Have a great time!!! :)