Thursday, March 6, 2008

Travel Swap - BRAZIL!!!!

Angela this was my favorite swap yet. I am still so excited that I had a swap partner from Brazil!

I love everything.. the picture book of Sao Paulo, the photo album she made me, the hand crafted goodies, the crafting bag full of the cutest buttons and ribbons, Brazilian candy and exotic juice boxes. I'm crazy about passion fruit. I love it in desserts, drinks, and anywhere else I can get it but it's either so hard to find or is very expensive here in Oregon. So, I'm really enjoying my passion fruit juice and candies.

Check out these handmade goodies. The three flowers are pins and they are going to look so good all together on both me and Bryn.

Why are we drawn to maps? All kinds of maps. The Sao Paulo map is the cover of the photo book. I will most definitely save it for those future Brazil travel photos.

I'm a label girl. Each of her items were intimately wrapped with their own little note. Especially fun to open the packages that said "Surprise No 1 and Surprise No 2." So much anticipation.

I had so much fun sending my package to Angela and receiving hers. I'm still thinking of items I should have sent her. You can check out what I sent Angela here.

obrigado Angela (did I get that right)! You've got me dreaming of Brazil.


angela said...

Sarah, i´m so happy you enjoy all this brazilian stuff!!! I love, love, love this swap!!! kisses!

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

you got some cute cute stuff!~
How fun.

i'm kelly said...

what fun! angela definitely hooked you up with a great package. i love it!