Saturday, August 2, 2008

Stern Grove

Rosalie Stern was a visionary who has recently made my life a more colorful enjoyable place to be. In 1931 she bought a piece of land now called Stern Grove in honor of her late husband to be preserved as a park where the public could enjoy high quality admission free music. 71 years later the people of San Francisco are still enjoying her vision.

We kicked back and even grooved a little to Sambada and Voices of Latin Rock.

Gray's advice....
1. Music starts at 2pm. You must get there at least by noon or you're in the trees on the hill with the pot smokers.

2. Bring warm blankets and coats (because it's San Francisco).

3. Bring yummy picnic food. We envied the ladies who were eating their three-layered chocolate cake in the trees on the hill.

4. It may be the only place in North America where there is only 1 men's bathroom stall and 10 women's stalls. So plan ahead.

It's a must if you're in San Francisco on a Sunday in the summer. A great place to people watch and feel like a local.


Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

That looks like a great time.
I love the graphics on that flyer.
it's just terrific :)

Gray sure has some pretty good advice to offer!

Shaka said...

it looks like fun.-yumm, chocolate cake!