Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Gray!

Jedi Knight


Tree Climber

Mystery Person (his own costume creation)

Hugger not a kisser

Video Gamer (watcher mostly)


Wants his voice to sound like his 10-year old brothers.

Mad that his mom didn't take him REAL camping this summer.

Does not like spinny rides.

Loves jet boat rides and scary movies.

Songs: Eye of the Tiger, Hey there Delilha

Quote: "You've got the skills to pay the bills"


Ruth said...

Hi Gray,
Poppop and Grammy left you a birthday message on your home phone. We love you. See you Saturday.

love ya~

kat | Taylor Made designs said...

happy birthday Gray~
have a fantastiv day + year.

Oh, love the saying,
"You've got the skills to pay the bills" cute~

Meegan Blue said...

Happy Birthday, Gray!

Shaka said...

he sounds like a fun kid! i love his quote!