Thursday, October 16, 2008

gaming or gambling?

I had about 30 seconds to take this picture. A sweet girl named Marina was showing us to the subway station but I couldn't resist taking a picture of the men in suits row after row. At first I thought they were video games but I think they were gambling. This was at about 8:00pm at night and it was packed!


Colleen said...

Yes, I saw this on the travel show. I'm pretty sure it's called pachinko. Kind of like pin ball for money, and as I heard and can see here, highly addictive!

Joby Walcott said...

So wonderful to read about the Stephen's family adventure. It looks so wonderful. I love all the pictures, esp. the Gyoza man. Let's have a gyoza making party when you return! As for pachinko, I wrote my senior thesis on the topic so I can give you all the info you could ever want. Make it home safely.