Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Great Gyoza Hunt

There are only a few dinners that our entire family enjoys together. Gyoza (potstickers) are definitely high on the list. Especially, when they are homemade. ooshi (yummy).

Lucky for us Utsunomiya is famous for their gyoza. So the Great Gyoza Hunt began.

Lu showing us how to pour the right mixture of hot spice, vinegar and soy sauce for our dipping sauce.

Gray creating his own dipping sauce. It was very spicy.

The Gyoza! The different kind of gyoza we tried were mushroom, onion, pork, eel and cheese. The cheese gyoza were are least favorite.

Sean is in Gyoza Heaven.

The gyoza mascot. His head is a gyoza. I thought it was a clam head at first.
$30 for 6 people. Not bad for the perfect Stephens family dinner.

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