Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We made it to Japan. We actually rocked it. We got off the plane went through customs in less than 5 minutes and our luggage was waiting for us all stacked up when we arrived at baggage claim. Sean rented an international cell phone, we located where we needed to buy our bus tickets to Utsunomiya, and we found our hotel shuttle all in less than an hour after our arrival in Japan. Sean and I were feeling pretty smug about our world traveling abilities.

We made it to our hotel room and we were ready to crash. One problem. How do we turn on the lights? There were bathroom switches, lamps and lots of other switches on the wall. But nothing would turn on no matter what combination of light switches we touched. Come on. We can figure this out.

There were many clues. The word IN seemed promising.

Which somehow translated to stick your finger in? Yes, we all did it (except for Bryn) and guess what? Nothing happened. Imagine that.

Sean finally went back to the front desk to ask.

Insert cool key charm....

into the IN slot. VOILA!

Gray looked at Sean and said, "That was soooo obvious."

p.s. I wanted to take a picture of the key and charm on the table but I kept turning off all the lights when I took the key out to take a picture of it. Very frustrating. Especially, for the child in the bathroom.


kat | Taylor Made designs said...

I would never had figured that out too :) {my husband, maybe, me... never} Enjoy your trip!

Crabby Amy said...

OMG how funny! :) Enjoy your time in Pajan! (I heard one of the kids at preschool telling Grayson that! Were you there when that happened??)

Sarah said...

Pajan! That is so sweet. Jackson did come up to me at preschool and said, "Have a great time japan." I was so shocked how mature he sounded. It was really cute.

Colleen said...

I'm so happy you arrived safely. Have a great time!