Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It's been a discouraging year for Bryn (and mom) and her homework. I'm not a fan of homework for elementary students and then to have homework that doesn't correlate to what you're learning in class is infuriating. Not quite over it yet. I do encourage daily reading and studying spelling words (spellings tests also get me going - better not to ask). Bryn who I would describe as an always creating artist refuses to decorate her weekly homework. You're suppose to make it look nice and make a creative border. A definite sign that Bryn is not engaged. I dread her homework each week but my favorite is the sentence writing section. The assignment is to pick 5 spelling words and write a sentence for each of them. Bryn's personal goal each week is to come up with one sentence with 5 of her spellings words. Therefore, she only has to write one sentence. She can't always do it, but she's never had to write more than 3 sentences. Technicalities.

I stood on the ridge of a large cliff with a kitten. (3)

I saw a large clock in my pocket. (3)

My father invented the other English alphabet in a flash. (5)

The squeaky water balloon went splash. (3)

I wore sunglasses while doing homework and throwing a football. (4)

Are people simple and little? (3)

A pilot ate lemon with a camel. (3)

A mouse and it's shadow ate up all the peaches and cheese. (4)

A series of sentences:
I broiled thousands of giant gumdrops.
I made a choice to stop broiling the giant gumdrops.
I am proud I stopped broiling the giant gumdrops.


Ruth said...

That's what I love about her.
She is so creative.

Colleen said...

These are great sentences. High five, Bryn!

HowGeek said...

Own drum. Own beat. She's awesome

Alison said...

Ahhh...the homework.

These great sentences remind me of a book I have at my house that I think you and Bryn will love. Remind me to show it to you next time you're over.

kat @ Taylor Made designs said...

I'm with you on the homework bit. I don't agree with sending elementary kids home with tons of homework. I don't think it's effective.

Having said that, your Bryn is pretty creative :) I hope she stays that way.

Rachael said...

Um... does she have Ms. Martin? If so, shoot me an email and I'll tell you our tale of woe.