Thursday, April 15, 2010

What a day

Every morning Sean asks me, "What's on your list today?" In the evening he asks me "What did you do today?" The surly high schooler comes out in me and can only respond with a grumble and a "things" response. Like when your parents would ask, "how was your day as school?" The truth is I'm not that interested in talking about the vet appointment, driving to pick up kids from school and forcing the kids to do their homework. I feel bad for Sean because I think he's generally interested.

Wednesday, April 14th

6:30am - Wake-up

6:45am to 7:45 - Kids dressed and fed, don't forget teeth and hair, dogs out and fed and I got dressed as well somewhere in there.

8:05 - Kids dropped off

8:15 - Wash and vacuum out car

9:15 - Tennis with Mary and Maya

10:30 - Deal with ONK issue

11:00 - Home, take dogs out, check and respond to emails.

12:00 - Shiloh vet appointment

12:30 - Home, clean kitchen, straighten house, shower and dressed, get snacks and soccer gear together

2:00 - Leave to pick up kids

2:15 - Get Bryn and Grayson, make sure Hunter knows that Mary is taking him home after 5th grade performance practice.

2:30 - Drive across town for Bryn's appointment.

3:00 - Fred Meyer for groceries. Forgot paper towels, garbage bags, milk and vanilla ice cream.

3:50 - Pick up Bryn

4:00 - Drive across town for soccer practice

4:15 to 4:20- On the cell phone with US Bank for ONK, waking Grayson up from the car ride, getting Grayson's soccer shorts and shoes on and running to get to practice on time.

4:30 - Handed another piece of ONK news. ugh.

5:30 - Home

5:45 - Make dinner, straighten, kid homework.

7:00 - Read with kids

7:45 - Bath time

8:15 - Check end of day email

8:30 - Kids in bed

9:00 - Fall asleep

...and repeat.... I know... so exciting.

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