Saturday, April 10, 2010

what to watch?

around the age of 10 our family tv a 20" zenith was in the shop for a week but it felt like a whole month. our current television is broken and not even sure any of us miss it. we're debating replacing it which at first excited me. the prospect of simplifying our lives but on closer inspection it gets more complicated. there's always the computer, laptop, ps3, hulu, netflix, downloads and iphones. missing the simplicity of my family's 20" zenith.

what I'm watching right now (via hulu, netflix and the power of a download)....

lost... I've got to know how it ends and desperately hoping I'm not disappointed. (abc)

bones... I could watch david boreanaz all day. (fox)

fringe... it's by jj abrams and I like a good mystery with some sci fi thrown in. (fox)

modern family... need a good laugh to even it all out. (abc)

united states of tara... refreshingly unique. (showtime)

caprica... I'll never give up on battlestar galatica. (syfy)

glee... do I even need to say anything? (fox)

reruns (first time for me)...
arrested development & the wire

show i want to watch but can't find via the internet. need a real tv for this one...
american pickers... the reality show follows frank and mike as they scour the country's junkyards, basements and barns for hidden gems. (history channel)

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HowGeek said...

I am going to check out that show American pickers. It sounds interesting:)