Monday, June 18, 2007

"The Littlest One"

Sarah and Mark

Eagle Scout Award Ceremony 2007

Wrestling Champ

Senior Prom 2007

I was 13 almost 14 when my littlest brother Mark was born. He was the 4th boy in a row! While I was too young to really understand the impact of brother after brother with the first two I most definitely realized my potential sisterless existence with the final two. I kneeled at the side of my bed every night for six months, after my mother announced she was 3-months pregnant with her fifth child, and prayed with all my might for a little sister.

Even though little Mark was not a sister I had so much fun playing little mommy and he was so adorable that I don't really remember being disappointed that he wasn't a sweet little girl. So here we are 18 years later and I can't believe that little Marky, the youngest of the Cinquini clan, just graduated from High School. The little boy who would pinch ladies bottoms at church, home and in the grocery store is an Eagle Scout, a State Wrestler, a college student, a boyfriend and a full fledged money earning workforce employee. I love you Marky, Marco, Mario....

p.s. You'll be happy to know that I was blessed with two sisters when I married Sean 10 years after Mark was born. And, Sean who grew up without any brothers was blessed with four.

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