Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Philip Foster Farms - The Kid Pictures

Nothing better then to celebrate this holiday season with some good Oregon history and an absolute rave about Philip Foster Farms! I was expecting middle of the road family fun but this farm blew me away. Philip Foster an instrumental figure in Oregon's History arrived in Oregon in 1843 and help create what was known to the pioneers as "paradise at last". One of the best surprises of the day is that the farm is now owned by the JZ Historical Society but Philip Foster's great-grandson was there and really working on the farm building a new parking lot. Modern day historical farm needs but none-the-less working on his family farm 160 years later! We spent almost four hours swinging, sawing with a 2 person saw, pulling hay bails 10 feet into the air with pulleys, finding and grinding our own corn, building log cabins with human sized Lincoln Logs, playing in covered wagons, playing checkers at the country store, touring the house and doing laundry. Here are some of the pictures of the kids. Tomorrow I'll post random pictures of farm items that I fell in love with.

"Grayzan" in the trees again.

Hunter and a covered wagon you could play in.

Check out that swing and picket fence.
Can't you hear ma calling from the house?


Gray getting a ride from a farm boy.

Piece of a log Hunter sawed off.


Building our log cabin. Gray is holding the second to smallest Lincoln Log they had. It took two kids to carry some of the logs.

Bryn and the barn.

Hunter spent almost an hour pumping water for his laundry buckets, filling the vintage laundry buckets, using the washer board and the ringer. When I walked up he was running the clothes through the ringer and exclaimed, "Isn't this the most amazing thing ever!" Smile to my face. Must admit that my first thought was, "Just as amazing as a washer that does it all for you!"

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Crabby Amy said...

Your pictures rock!!! and yay for the link....I see a trip to the farm in our near future. always on the lookout for something fun to do with the kids and it looked like yours had a great time! :)

Sisters in China said...

The Farm looks like a wonderful place to take children. Glad you had such a great day. Have a fun and safe trip in Japan. Love Mom