Sunday, September 30, 2007

1 week and counting

One week and counting till my marathon debut! I've had several people ask me what I'm running for. When I started training last April I didn't realize I needed a cause. I think it's okay to just run and have fun. However, after some thought I've decided that I'm running for... moms and their struggle to find time in balancing mind, body and spirit.


Crabby Amy said...

oohh...I very much like what you are running for!!!! May we all find peace in mind, body, and spirit. And good luck on your marathon! I will be cheering you on! :)

Kelly said...

wow! i am so impressed. an entire marathon?! i thought about doing one of those once, even trained for it. but, it just didn't work out... bad knees & all, they just didn't like me running that far. so i stick to short distances these days. i didn't realize you had to "run for something." is it a charity run? i think your reason is great - a perfect fit! have a great time! i'll be thinking of you, i hope you feel better.