Tuesday, October 2, 2007

B&G Room Redo

For almost 5 years I have struggled with this bedroom and about every six months I do something drastic to it. All the kids at one time or another have called it theirs. Sean always helps me move the furniture only to be instructed to move it again not long after. I was determined at the beginning of September to create a space for Bryn and Gray that would be comfortable whether they were playing or sleeping. Using most everything we already had except a new day-bed frame for Bryn we rearranged, crafted, cleaned and organized till it all came together.

Gray's side of the room. Cubbies contain: Ultraman Monsters, dinosaurs, trains and track, Pokemon, and Galactic Heros. Legos are stored under the bed.

Bryn's side of the room. The Alice in Wonderland Prints are from Emily's Etsy Shop and the flowers hanging above the prints are from my Flower Power days back in June.

The pretend play kitchen area also serves as a battleground for Ultraman, Pokemon, Littlest Pet Shop, Pirate Ships, dinosaurs and a splattering of Legos thrown in. For the walls I painted the frames of 3 bulletin boards and attached 12x12 scrapbook paper (that can be changed out on a whim) so that the kids can hang paintings and other works of art in their room.

I received the biggest compliment from Gray after I hung these lanterns, "Mom, you're making my room look really coooool."

Next month's challenge. Our spare room in the basement which is so very plain and boring. I'm hoping to spruce it up fast because it will house a new Japanese intern very soon. Budget $100.

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kat said...

the room looks terrific!
Not only is the room cool, you are cool!

Meegan Blue said...

Oooooh! It looks really, really great! Nice work!


avinore said...
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Kelly said...

it looks great. i too love the lanterns. what a fun room for kids!

Shaka said...

cute room-it looks like they have a lot of great space.