Friday, September 14, 2007

Back to School

The youngest of three is off to pre-school. I expected "don't go mommy," tears and never ending hugs. After not getting any of that I think that I didn't expect it but that I wanted it. What can I say... he's my baby and I have an ego that needs to be stroked. I'm so grateful that he can and is willing to approach every new adventure with great enthusiasm.

I now have 2 hours and 45 minutes to myself Monday through Friday. What did I do with myself the first week...

Monday - Sean stayed home in the morning and we hung out.

Tuesday - Pedicure

Wednesday - Caught up on email.

Thursday - Doctor appointment. Bought new pair of running shoes. Shopped for new coffee table.

Friday - Early morning get together at Petit Provence with some moms from Bryn's class. Then I headed over to Carolyn's new backyard for a back-to-school mom's brunch where we sipped our drinks, ate a wonderful meal, visited and soaked in the new hot tub until it was time to pick up the big kids.

Lady of Leisure for a week was great. Now it's onto organizing and cleaning the house.

"Bryn in Brown"

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kat said...

oh my goodness, can I hang out with you + your friends?? I have the exact time everyday as you do! And I make a killer banana bread and lattes:)

Sadly, this week, was full with dr appointments, errands, afterschool programs, and such. I had planned a pedicure this afternoon, but canceled bc I was just too tired to go!

Hopefully next week will be better to enjoy for me! Have a great weekend.