Thursday, September 6, 2007

Family books this summer...

WIZARD OF OZ by L. Frank Baum
I have never read Wizard of Oz before. It was a fun story and the kids couldn't wait to hear more. I love the story of the flying monkeys (they really can be good) and Dorthy's shoes were originally silver. No joke! I recommend the abridged version published by Penguin Puffin Classics.

We listened to the book on the road trip down to California. Hunter loved it and started it over when it ended. I had fun catching all the little details that you get the second time around and the knowledge of everything that is to come for Harry and friends.

RAMONA QUIMBY age 8 by Beverly Cleary
Who doesn't love Ramona. Her parents are struggling to make ends meet, she doesn't like going to her after school care, she thinks her teacher doesn't like her, she fights with her sister. She's so real. Beverly Clearly was a Portland girl and we live off of Klickitat Street so it was fun for the kids to hear references to streets nearby and Mt. Hood.

BONE by Jeff Smith
Who knew that those three bone brothers could capture our entire family's attention. It's got humor for both kids and adults and enough drama to keep mom reading even when I'm bone tired. Kudos to Jeff Smith!

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Kelly said...

i love kids books. i can't wait until my little ones are old enough to graduate to such fun books! btw thanks for the awesome swap package! you really outdid yourself!