Sunday, September 9, 2007

For the love of fabric!

I just have to share two great sewing projects that came my way last week. Here's is a better photo of Kelly's apron that she made and sent me for the Back to School Swap. I am loving taking pictures of it as much as I love wearing it around the house. She did a great job and I have been swooning over it ever since it came in the mail.

Meegan made me one of her Cute Skirts from the Favorite Things Pattern and I want to wear it every day. Complete strangers ask me about the skirt and fabric every time I wear it out of the house.

With all the sewing love coming my way I have been inspired to dust off the sewing machine (which was not used all summer) and get going on some October skirts for Bryn and some new curtains for the house.


Kelly said...

glad you like it, i was soooo worried. but that skirt it awesome. i actually have that pattern, you are definitely inspiring me!

Meegan Blue said...

Kelly! What on earth could you have been worried about with that apron?!? It's absolutely a-mazing!

I'm glad you love the skirt, Sarah. I knew I'd get you hooked on Cute Skirts sooner or later. Hee hee!

kat said...

Both the skirt and the apron are amazing. You are really lucky!