Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Bash "Final Comments"

I've never been anything mean or naughty for Halloween. My favorite non-childhood costumes up to this point were a Pirate and a Pea Pod (to match the Jolly Green Giant). Being part the Reservoir Dolls was a lot of fun and helped fill my secret desire of wanting to be a Roller Derby Girl. I'll never forgot the day while browsing in Goodwill talking to Penny Traitor by cellphone and squealing with delight over finding the perfect clothing items to wear with my Sarah Smashmouth outfit. Now that I've actually worn the entire outfit for several hours I am much more in awe of the real Roller Derby girls who not only have to wear their outfits but actually play a bout in them. Do you think they'll kick me out if I wear my outfit to preschool skate with Grayson? I've got to find an excuse to wear it again.

We're getting ready for Random Man, Little Miss Vampire, and Batman's Wednesday appearance.


Shaka said...

great costumes!

Crabby Amy said...

Look at you sexy momma!!! Love the costumes!!!

Meegan Blue said...

You inspired me to get my post up as well. Thanks for all of the planning fun and revelry. I'll be a Derby Girl with you again anytime!

Happy Halloween!