Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Big Night

Dinner with Holly Hobbles' family and friends.

Great work out for kids while running from house to house.

Received $5 Golden Tickets from the owners of Pix Patisserie while trick-or-treating. Truly golden for the adults.

First year where all 3 kids understood what was going on and enjoyed every minute of it.

Any PDX parent would tell you that we had the best trick-or-treating weather ever!!

25 minutes of late night shampooing to get little ms. vampire's black hair paint out.

2 digital cameras being repaired (yes, because I broke both of them) and one video camera with a missing charger. ugh!

Waiting for brother to email Halloween pics.

Funny Halloween story that I remember...... My mother was driving home with my little brother Tommy (approximately age 4) and he was SO excited for Halloween that night. The kind of excited where you can't sit still. My mom asked him if he was ready for all the candy. His eyes grew huge with amazement and exclaimed, "You get candy too?" ~ Because shouldn't getting dressed up and going door-to-door be enough?


Shaka said...

i love the story about your brother!
seems like a lot of us had camera issues!-mostly forgotten cameras though!

Shaka said...

oh, did i tell you i tagged you for a 7 random things post? well if i didn't i did! have fun!

Alison Walcott said...

I have some pictures of Noah and Gray. Let me know how I can send them. I am not very camera saavy so your email address is preferrable. PS. I love the rollerderby pics. looks like so much fun