Monday, October 8, 2007

This Is Not A Hill! This Is Not A Hill!

3 girls with a goal
26.2 miles
7724 runners
1 Mission Control/Medic
5 guest runners
22 friends and family cheering us on
1 bloody toe
2 goo shots
1 Portland Marathon completed
1 hard but really FUN day.

Sean getting one sweaty kiss.

"The Pain is Temporary, The Pride is Forever"


kat said...

wow – congratulations!
I'm really impressed. I walk 3-5 miles everyday...and honestly can't imagine running a marathon! Good for you.

sara said...

Oh how cool! I jsut started a running/jogging progam this morning!! Maybe I'll be at your level some day soon!
Congrats on a race well done!!

Meegan Blue said...

Thank you so much for being a crazy Marathon Girl with me. I absolutely, completely couldn't have done it without you! We did it!!!

Shaka said...

wow! way to go!