Thursday, October 4, 2007


I found these pics while organizing Bryn and Gray's room. I had completely forgotten about them. Can you find my kids? I love the frogs (kaeru) on the wall. As Gray will tell you frogs in Japan say, "kero kero (KEH-RO KEH-RO)."
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The two boys in the back row on the far left were my absolute favorites with their contagious enthusiasm. One day we had some time and the students would ask me how to say a word in English. Proof that boys are the same all over the world they wanted to know how to say... fox, lizard, fly, dragon, bear, bugs, and many more large animal, reptile and insect words. During lunch my favorite two boys pulled out a technical fish book all in Japanese and wanted to know every technical fish name. Fish that were the same except for some stripe that went horizontal instead of vertical. I'm pretty much an eel, shark, whale, octopus, and jellyfish kind of person. I faked it as long as I could and by the end of the book they were onto me. I still got two high-fives before I left.

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kat said...

what a cute cute photo.
I love these classroom photos.
I still have mine from when I was a kid!