Friday, February 8, 2008

Future Polar Bears

For not feeling like I've been accomplishing much recently I got a lot done today which feels good especially for a Friday. The highlight though was putting my Travel Swap package in the mail and its on the way to Angela in Brazil right now.

I also played around a little with ilife and put together this 4 four minute clip of our trip to Mt. Hood last weekend. Actually, it's only one part of the trip but you'll get an idea for how much fun we all had together.

I'm still figuring out ilife and keep forgetting that once on youtube it's not displayed in high def like on my computer. It's kind of grainy and kind of long. Sorry. My great accomplishment was actually getting the music and Bryn's feet to stomp in rhythm and I'm pretty happy with the ending. Enjoy.

Sean has free box tickets to this on Saturday night. I can't wait to hear about it.


Ruth said...

That is fantastic!

angela said...

OMG!! and that white stuff around the pool is snow!! LOL!! Sarah, your package will be send tomorrow, I´m still looking for a special thing to send to you!! but don´t worry, tomorrow I´ll send it!kisses!