Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rituals and Traditions

So I'm not totally clear on the difference between rituals and traditions. I've always thought of traditions as being related to holidays but my more grown up self believes traditions are an extension of our rituals and they can create uniqueness of our individual selves or family.

Rituals on the other hand are something I've never really paid much attention to before but recently I have become very aware of them. I've begun to depend on them. They create a sense of structure and security in my life that I'm desperately craving right now. Like Wednesday mornings at Colleens house. After I drop off the kids at school I drive straight to my friend Colleen's house. Her house is a place of sanctuary for me where a delicious breakfast and great conversation await. After breakfast we usually head to her sewing room where we sew, craft, and mostly talk. I absolutely love it.

It was at Colleen's that I finally finished my first cute skirt. I've never really worn orange before and I'm loving it. I especially like saying "I made it" every time sometimes says "cute skirt".


Amber said...

Okay, right. Breakfast... Wednesdays... Colleen's. What time was that again? ;)

That skirt is fab-u-lous!

Crabby Amy said...

Very Cute Skirt Indeed!!! ;) oh talented one!!

angela said...

it´s so special when you can use anything you could made by yourself!...hey, your box is on the way, I´ve sent it on monday! kisses ..