Tuesday, February 12, 2008

i heart today. p.s. happy birthday oregon

Yes we did get married on Valentine's Day. Please insert ahhhhh here. Just joking. I knew our wedding day was just right when Sean held my hand during the ceremony and his hand was as sweaty as mine. another ahhhhh.

Actually, it was really just a matter of finding a 3-day weekend because I was in the middle of school and Sean was just starting his business. We ended up taking a 3-day mini-moon to Black Butte Ranch. I think we'll do a real honeymoon for our 20th anniversary.

Nowadays we celebrate this special day with our kids at home. We tried to go out for dinner on Valentine's Day in the beginning but since we have to share this day with everyone else if felt more right to be at home with our family.

10 year recap
3 moves

3 babies

4 pregnancies

2 house remodels

1 college graduation

3 businesses started(1 successful, 1 dissolved, and 1 on hold)

3 brothers who have lived on our couch

0 Cinquini sister-in-laws produced

4 cousins

6 international house guests

many wonderful memories of being with friends and family

the next 10 years
1 high school graduation

3 teenagers

a family trip to Japan with Aunty Lulu

celebrate turning 40

a honeymoon

learn Japanese together

maybe a few more sister-in-laws and cousins?

invest in high quality folding chairs for all those sporting events

the opportunity to show our kids the world

I love you Sean. You're a great dad and my perfect companion.

p.s. Happy Birthday Oregon


Crabby Amy said...

How lovely you two are! Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine's Day!

Meegan Blue said...

Happy Anniversary!!! That photo seriously could have been taken yesterday, you two look exactly the same. You guys are the best, I feel lucky to have you both as my dear friends.

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

Happy Anniversary!
Sounds like you have had 10 wonderful years. Here's to the next 10!

Amber said...

There's no way that picture was taken 10 years ago! Happy Anniversary... belated. :)

MONICA said...


Andrea McKinnon said...

Happy Anniversary! Ten years flies by doesn't it? Here's to another 10 and another 10 after that and so on.