Thursday, April 24, 2008


Our sad basement bedroom September of 2007. It's our international guest bedroom so I've kept it pretty simple so that they can make it their home away from home while they stay with us. However, the red curtains had to go. Which then became a room redo.

Room redo April 2008.

Cream colored curtains I had stored away for some reason. I freezer paper stenciled the bird and branch.

Our local Ikea helped with the Paris prints.

Now onto the upstairs bathroom!


Rachael said...

Having been to your house, I have to say that it is always lovely! However, the pictures you posted are not coming through.
Rachael aka Y & S's mommy

MONICA said...

My experience been your guest and your friend was so rewarding for me... I´ll always remember everysingle part of your house specially "my room" when kids and me spent too much memories...i can´t see the pictures but I have all the details in my mind....kisses and hugs for all of you....

Colleen said...

It looks great!

Gift of Green said...

Brilliant idea for dressing up a plain curtain. I can do freezer paper - thanks for the tip.