Monday, April 21, 2008

The animal inside you....

Bryn: We need to learn more about our animals.

Mom: What animals?

Bryn: The animals inside us all.

We were led through a guided visualization by Bryn... a lake with softly splashing water sounds, a small path, an animal in the distance that we can't quite see running through the trees and then an old lady holding an animal. What ever animal we see in the old lady's lap is the animal inside us.

Bryn: Wolf. She couldn't be more right on.

Grayson: Frog. I would have guessed Monkey or Elephant.

Hunter: Bird. I think he's really a bear.

Sean: Eagle. Fits him perfect.

Sarah: Prairie Dog. Seriously, that's what I saw.


Meegan Blue said...

I was eating some soup as I read this, and it seriously almost came out of my nose when I got to the Prairie Dog. That is hilarious!

Ruth said...

Prairie dogs run fast and that seems to fit your life right now.