Monday, April 14, 2008

RRR Challenge adding one more R

Smith Rock, Oregon

What I've been thinking about lately...

1. Skin Care products and their effect on the environment.

2. Disposable coffee cups. Yes we have a Starbucks habit.

3. Paper Towels. Also a family addiction.

4. Recycling non-curb side plastics at the Master Recycling event coming up.

5. A new Portland Blog I've started reading.

6. Adding one more R for refuse. We're going to put our backyard compost to work.


Crabby Amy said...

so interesting you mention the coffee cups....I have recently been having thoughts on that myself lately. And seeing as how much I seem to frequent coffee shops, It sooo feels like I am adding to the trashing of our environment! :0 keep posting on your endeavors!

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

do you have trader joe's in portland? If so, they sell these micro towels (pack of twos). They rock. We have totally cut down on our paper towel consumption.