Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Camp Westwind

Camp Westwind was a great weekend with 150 friends. Some old and many new.

campfire, kitchen duty, cabin sleeping with others, mud mucking, hours and hours in the sand, pirate cave, beach volleyball, good food, Apples to Apples, continually looking for Gray, sandcastles, tide pooling, and walks on the beach

Noah and Gray on their way to the beach.

Visiting the seals with Bryn and Ivy.

Sandcastle Contest. The beach fairies were very happy.

5 minutes after leaving camp.

No pictures of Hunter? He was way to busy with his friends having a great time.

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Joby Walcott said...

The weekend was so wonderful. I am so glad you guys made it this year. I hope you are converts and will be joining us each year. Thank you so much for watching the boys so Mike and I could hike. I posted some of our photos on Flicker. I am not to savvy so hopefully you can access them. Let's get together soon!