Wednesday, May 21, 2008

April Showers, May Flowers

This year it's March, April and May showers bring late May flowers. I'm not a huge fan of blog posts that feature flower photos but this past week I think I've gained an appreciation for why they post those pictures. You can't help it. The flowers are so inspiring this time of year and you feel like to have to share that feeling with others. So here are my flowers from this week...

Wisteria outside my kitchen window.

A small snapshot of the 25ft tall rose bush that resides in my backyard. I'm not sure how old this rose bush is but you know it's got history.

Bryn, Hunter, Gray and all the neighborhood kids had a flower store operating from our front porch for about a week. I think they made about $5.00 each. I spent a lot buying flowers from my own yard. They had a great time but abandoned the operation when they found out how much money there was in snow cones.

Speaking of flowers my house is so full of them tonight. Today was my birthday and I received the most gorgeous lilacs, birds of paradise, and a beautiful assortment of flowers from family and friends. My living room and dining room smell so fragrant right now. It was a great day filled with friends, family and good food all day long. We ate dinner at Screen Door and I am in love. Kid friendly, great food, good drinks, perfect chocolate cake and the best customer service I've ever had. Hands down a perfect place with kids or without. If you're in Portland I highly recommend it. Thanks Melissa and Colleen for the recommendation.

More thoughts on loving my early (or early mid) 30s soon.

Happy Birthday to all those I know who celebrated today.
Mafalda's brother
The guy at Screen Door with his family
Mr. T

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