Tuesday, August 26, 2008

End of summer... I'm not ready

So much to do before school starts in 7 days....
Last summer trip to the Pool

Last preschool park playdate

Last art class for Hunter and Bryn

2-night trip to Mt. Hood

Set up new piano time

Find Faber Fine Tip Felt Pen (from Hunter's class list)

Art in the Pearl

Mom's birthday

Grayson's birthday

Preschool parent's meeting

Party at the Walcotts'

End of summer play dates with friends we haven't seen all summer.


Amber said...

That's kind of a long list for 7 days! I must say... A) Don't those school lists drive you nuts?! Cayden's class supply list is a check for $20. So easy. B) I don't miss those preschool parent meetingsa bit, but if Amy is reading this... I still miss her! :) and C) Where did the summer go????

Hope to see you once the dust of summer settles!

Shaka said...

busy!!! iknow school starts next week but i don't think i realize it!

Colleen said...

Maybe we'll see you in the Pearl. My friend Jamee is showing her work.

Happy Day!