Thursday, August 28, 2008

Random Summer

Amber tagged me for 6 random things at the beginning of the summer. So 3 months later... I thought I do 6 random 2008 summer things. Feel free to reminisce your summer and play along.

1. The memories of our summer marshmallow fight will last a lifetime. Did you know that if you throw the same marshmallow over and over its gooey goodness becomes the perfect projectile?

2. After Gray was born I developed several new allergies. Summertime is the hardest and I miss fresh juicy tomatoes, nectarines and cherries.

3. Jet Boat rides down the Rogue River are really really fun and the 360 turns are even better.

4. We didn't take the kids on a REAL camping trip this summer and I'm feeling extremely guilty.

5. Caring a 10 foot surf board in the wind is actually harder than standing up on one.

6. Here's the simple Raspberry Cheesecake recipe that my mom and grandma taught me to make one summer when I was a girl. This summer I passed it on to Bryn.

Raspberry Cheesecake
1 8oz. cream cheese softened
1 14oz. sweetened condensed milk
1/3 cup lemon juice
1 tsp. vanilla
raspberries & cornstarch (or other fruit)
1 graham cracker crust (baked & cooled)

*In a bowl beat cream cheese until light & fluffy.
*Add condensed milk and blend.
*Stir in lemon juice and vanilla.
*Pour into pie crust.
*Refrigerate 3 hours.
*Top with desired fruit topping.
*Raspberry topping may need to be thickened.


Shaka said...

yum, raspberry cheesecake!!! i think i need some!

Alison said...

Ooh... where did summer go. It is nice to reflect and take pause on all the great things that happened. Funny thing about the food allergies... I developed a bunch after Caleb was born. Michael just thought I was crazy! Can't wait to see you in Sunday. If you dying to bring something, maybe a dish for kids or dessert, but don't sweat it!

i'm kelly said...

i think i'm definitely going to have to try the marshmellow fight & raspberry cheesecake! both sound yummy!

i'm kelly said...

did you ever finish breaking dawn? what did you think?

andrea said...

Sam and I went on the Rogue River jetboat excursion too! It was a lot of fun. I feel guilty that the girls didn't get to go. I will have to try the raspberry cheesecake.