Saturday, January 10, 2009

ETSY 2008

Is there anything that's not on Etsy? Here are a few of my favorite 2008 ETSY purchases.

t-shirt for gray by evaseva

red cape for bryn's american girl doll by 3 crafty ladies

print from one of my favorite artists. yellena

armwarmers by feetingfrenzy

amy butler for my itouch! how cool is that? mamadama designs

Here's a list of my favorite places to browse on Etsy. I wish there was one favorite to share but I love them all. Each of the artists amaze, excite, evoke, tease, and energize me in different ways. Enjoy.

John W. Golden

House of Telsa

The Wicopy Shop

Hula Seventy's le shoppe

Melissa Moss

Carambatack Design

Paintings by Cathy Nichols

Here's my 2007 Etsy list .


Amber said...

This post shows exactly what I love and hate at the same time about etsy... there is so much amazing stuff! No matter how much I could have looked, chances are I'd never find these treasures. Drives me crazy to know there's good stuff out there that I don't know about!!! :)

andrea said...

thanks for the shout out, lady! honored! xo