Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Santy Claus

There has been lots of talk about Santa Claus around here lately. Hunter is 9 and asks very direct questions about the logistics of delivering billions of toys around the world in one night. Then 10 minutes later he tells me that only those who believe can here the bells of Christmas and that he believes. Do you remember wavering and being on the cusp? Being a parent and keeping Santa's spirit alive is just as much fun as being a kid.

Then there's Bryn who believes that this man is Santa Claus. He told her about 3 years ago that he was Santa Claus and she's wavering but hanging onto the idea. He keeps his reindeer in a reindeer home and his sleigh in storage during the year. She now believes that the Tooth Fairy is a guy name Bob Lancaster who lives on 54th Street. Some name Sean threw out when confronted by Bryn.

Gray said that there are 10 clones of Santa. At our annual family party on Sunday Santa arrived to visit and deliver presents. All the kids came running full of hugs, some with a little apprehension, and one with tears. Gray walked in and then walked out. I thought he was nervous or scared but then in another room someone told him that Santa Claus was here and he said, "I know. I already saw him." He then proceeded to play with toys. No big deal. Only SANTA CLAUS!

We eagerly await the man in the big red suit.

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