Friday, May 16, 2008

Sunny day, sweeping the clouds away.

Gift of Green's Clothesline Challenge
Here in Portland I feel like we had about 5 hours of Spring this year. I'm serious. It was from about 7:00am to noon last Thursday morning. Then a light switch was turned on and summer is here. It was the coldest spring ever (really it was just one looooooong winter) and now we're reaching record high May temperatures. Did someone say "Global Warming?"

While Sean is tired and withering away in this heat I am inspired and energized. So inspired that I've joined the Gift of Green Clothesline Challenge.

I signed up for the intermediate level. While I don't mind a crunchy towel now and then I think my family might. Plus, I'm not really willing to commit to the clothesline full time when I'm in severe distrust of the weather this year.


Gift of Green said...

Hi KK :) Thanks for joining! I should have signed myself up for intermediate. This advanced stuff is for the birds! :) It's a sunny day today though - so I'd better get hangin' ~ Amy

Amber said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! :)

Shaka said...

i love line dried clothes-they smell so yummy! i won't join the challenge though because my husband is still on laundry duty!